Ambition Racing was set up back in 2007 as a new training body with the aim of providing quality training program's to young athlete persueing a career in alpine ski racing.

Ambition started off back then with a 'Core Program', looking to encourage athletes to follow a structured program similar to that of a national team. At the time, this was relatively unheard of within any club but it was something that we believed in and still believe in very strongly at Ambition. The aim was to build a strong team, who would be surrounded by the same coaches and athletes all winter, while at the same time creating a very clear structure to allow for good communication between the parents, athletes and the Ambition staff.

Originally, the plan was to offer a Children's Program only and create 2 teams of 8 athletes. However, we eventually decided to run a pilot Junior Program in year 1 with a further 8 athletes - a program that has had great success over the past 4 years. The original academic program was very much an ad-hoch program, with core subject tutors brought in for specific weeks of activity, focusing on creating a productive environment for the athletes to learn within at the local college.

After a successful first winter, the Junior Program was expanded in 2008 to include 2 teams of 8 athletes to match the structure of the children's program. We also decided to invest in a 5thcoach, to create a 'floating role', thereby offering more flexibility within the teams. Tutors were hired on a seasonal basis to add more flexibility to the educational program and the role of School's Liaison was created to improve the communication between the UK schools, Ambition tutors, parents and athletes.



Every decision/direction that Ambition makes or takes will be based upon how it will help to improve performance. This is the over-riding factor in all decision making.


The Ambition program is set up in a way that allows coaches to work individually with athletes on a year-round basis. It is the responsibility of the Ambition coaches to assist and give advice across all aspects of an athletes’ program. Sir Clive Woodward: ‘it is easier to improve 100 aspects by 1%, than 1 aspect by 100%.’


The Ambition program is about the parents, athletes and coaches working together to create an optimum learning environment. Ambition Racing will communicate with all involved about how to get the most out of our program.


At Ambition we seek to use our contact time with the athletes to maximum effect. We work the athletes hard on & off the hill but we have a lot of fun together throughout the process too! Free skiing days, fun drills & exercises and a great team spirit are all conducive to the success of our athletes so ‘Work hard, Play Hard’ is the motto!