Well lets hope GBR Alpine Skiing carries on the form from the end of 2014. Dave Ryding, Alex Tilley, Cara Brown, Nick Moynihan, Jack Gower, Charlie Raposo & Charlie Guest (although injured) have all done GBR incredibly proud. I am sure there are many others making steps forwards too, not least at Ambition but these guys are really pushing forwards on a world level.

As always, i believe there is a lot to be positive about in British Skiing & BSS, They are trying to change things and adapt. And as one of the 'they' i can see things are starting to move forward.

Whilst im talking about the 'They' - it does include all of us. Every skier & every volunteer, every parent and every interested person. I find myself saying it 'why dont THEY do it like this or like that' and i certainly hear it from others. Well its certainly better to get involved and try and change decisions from the inside rather than from the outside & the BSS 'THEY' is actually pretty small with only a handful of people that cannot do everything on their own. So if you can, try and get involved, put yourself forward and help develop the sport. Dont be that obese guy standing on the sidelines of a football match shouting & swearing at the players to run more. Whether everything is agreed with by everyone, the BSS Alpine Business Group is trying to communicate more, put out surveys and get opinions back. Hopefully everyone will be more involved throughout the coming years and be heard. Many will have also noticed that there is some opportunity out there for those athletes who are pushing forwards, there is some reward and something to aspire to. There will be EYOF, WJC & World Championships for many of the GBR athletes to look forwards to this season and as a selector, i hope there are more athletes making the criterias to give us more of a headache and challenge for spots. So, hopefully, the form will continue & a big thanks to Dave Ryding & Tristan Glasse-Davies. We need these guys in the sport as proof of what is possible. I would lose a great many more arguments without having these guys as examples.

Enjoy 2015.