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Charlie Raposo

Having been at Ambition in the early days (2009 and 2010) while also still spending time around the environment almost ten years later as a close friend to the team, I believe I have seen lots of different angles of the program. Ambition was the foundation for my career. It was there where I really discovered my unconditional love for the sport that has totally shaped my entire upbringing and made me the person I am today. Ambition is a very special environment that allows kids to chase their dreams and ski as much as they want and need, while also providing a place to teach accountability and responsibility. We were given just the right amount of freedom to let us grow up fast and make mistakes, while also being given the right guidance to make the right choices. I learnt some very important things while at Ambition that came with me to the ski academy in America and onwards for the rest of my career. 

Fast forward ten years later, and I feel lucky to be able to still call Ambition a team that I am a member of. The doors are always open and the team are always supportive. I can count on Marc and the rest of the team for any support I ever need. While it may be a team, it also resembles a family away from home. 

Mark Vernon, Reed's School

Racers from our School have been involved with Ambition Racing on a regular basis since it started back in 2007. We have never had any doubts that Ambition is fully committed to producing top class ski racers who are able to fulfil both their athletic and academic potential. Although the day to day mechanisms by which the academic programme have changed, and will continue to do so, we have always been impressed by the way that Marc and the team have always had a clear and unambiguous focus on the academic progress of our students. The racers now have unparalleled communication links with our staff. They get great support from the educators out in Austria, which means that whatever the demands that are placed on their time whilst they are away from Reed’s, they are fully supported from both sides in keeping up to date with the academic challenges that our staff continue to set them.  

The Ambition team have had an integral part in the development of our students who have been part of the programme and the hardworking ethos that we expect of our students when they are here at School is reinforced when they are in Austria. As a result, we see them continue to develop academically, as top class ski racers and as future leaders in our School. It is always a pleasure to see them on the podium and picking up top exam grades as a result of the combined excellence of teachers and ski coaches alike. I am sure the two are linked and the support they get from the Ambition team on and off the slope complements everything we are working towards here at Reed’s.

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Andrew Buchanan, Ambition Parent

My daughter Alex trained with ambition for 6 years. During this time the coaches and teachers at ambition worked tirelessly, to makes sure every athlete was getting the most from the programme. From airport runs to pastoral care everything ran smoothly. We looked no further than ambition season to season, as for us there was no other option.

Ambition provided Alex with the best on mountain race training, fitness and schooling. I would not hesitate to recommend ambition to everyone wanting to improve their children’s ski racing.